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This page is an electronic version of the book Holy Mass The Sacrifice for the Living and the Dead written by Fr. Mueller. The full ebook version can be found here.   The text of the book can also be read here at this website by clicking on the link on the left hand side.  This page also includes the an audio version of the book. Click on the audio link under the chapter heading to download the audio version of the book.

General Introduction of the work

This is the best book on the Mass I have read.  It explains everything you need to know about the Catholic Mass.  The beginning of the book is a general Introduction to the themes related to the Catholic Mass.  Of upmost importance to any discussion about the Catholic Mass is the discussion of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.  He wonderfully details the proofs of this belief, so central to the Catholic Mass, through varied means.  He uses historical accounts of Eucharistic miracles, Holy Scripture, linguistic analysis of Holy Scripture, history, and teaching and writing from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.  All these he blends together in a wonderful method of writing, that makes this one the best books about the Catholic Mass.  One of the best parts of his proofs is in chapter 6 where relates a story about the possession of Nicola Aubry.  This wonderful historically reliable story chronicles the possession of a young girl, who was possessed by many demons.  The bishop in the area exercised the demon by using the Blessed Sacrament.

Sacrifice in general and under the Old and New Law

Next he begins the story of salvation history.  He explains the Sacrifice of the Old Law and the Sacrifice of the Law, and how the two are related to each other.  The sacrifice in the old Law was mainly the offering of animals, produce etc.  To understand why this was done he explains the nature of sacrifice in itself, and then goes over the specific sacrifices of the Old Law.  He contrasts that to the Sacrifice of the New Law, which is the Sacrifice of Christ on the cross, "represented" in an unbloody manner to us through the Holy Catholic Mass.

The Catholic Mass is the renewal of all of the Life of Christ

But the Catholic Mass is more than just the renewal of the Sacrifice of Christ on the cross.  It is the Renewal of all of Christ's salvific work.  The Catholic Mass renews every aspects of Christ's work bringing Him and His entire humanity near to us each time we attend the Catholic Mass.  The Roman Catholic Mass renews the Incarnation, the Life in the Womb, the life of Christ , the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension.  Not only does he explain why this is, but he provides many interesting meditations on each of these mysteries.

The Catholic Mass is a multi-faceted Sacrifice

Next he explains all of the different type of Sacrifice which the Holy Catholic Mass entails.  This includes Propitiation, Thanksgiving, Adoration, Praise, and impetration.  He goes into much detail into each form of Sacrifice again using quotes from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church

How to behave during the Catholic Mass and in Catholic Churches

Being finished with the theoretical explanation of the Roman Catholic Mass.  He then turns toward a much more practical note.  He begins to provide instruction on how to behave in the Church, why we should behave so well in a Catholic Church, how to hear the Catholic Mass,  how to hear several Catholic Masses at once.  Why Catholics must here Mass, why Latin is used in the Mass and many other interesting topics.  Once you realize the dignity and sublimity of the Catholic Mass, you will definitely wish to read these chapter as they will inform you of how to benefit from hearing the Roman Catholic Mass.

Explanations of the order of the Catholic Mass

After explaining the these somewhat practical elements he turns to a another practical yet theoretical subject, namely the Mass it self.  The order of the Catholic Mass.  He explains the everything from the vesting of the priest to the Last Gospel.  He covers all of the prayer in the Catholic Mass including the Introit, the Offertory, the Collect, the Communion and so on.  In doing this he explains the history of the prayer it's importance in the Mass and how what we should do while it is being recited.  How important this is to so many Catholics who do not realize the depth of the Mass which many attend once a week.

Different types of Catholic Masses

Next he explains different types of Catholic Masses and how they came about.  Mostly he explains the difference between a High Mass Low, Mass, Solemn High Mass etc.  He also mentions the music used in the different types of Catholic Masses, the use of lights, incense etc.

Concluding thoughts

Wrapping up he explains some other Catholic customs and of course the building itself - the church - where the Mass is held.  Some of the customs include the use of Holy Water in Mass and outside of Mass.  He also explains the beauty of Catholic architecture the history of the Mason guilds and how they brought about the beautiful Catholic Churches of the Middle Ages.

Protest of the Author

As he does use many stories to explain his points he included the protest which I place below.

In obedience to the decrees of Urban VIII., of holy memory, I protect that I do not intend to attribute any other than purely human authority to all the miracles, revelations, graces and incidents contained in this book ; neither to the titles, holy or blessed, applied to the servants of God not yet canonized, except in cases where these have been confirmed by the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and by the HOLY APOSTOLIC SEE, of whom I profess myself an obedient son, and, therefore, to their judgment I submit myself and whatever I have written in this book.


Audio of Catholic Mass

  1. WMA  -   MP3  -  Introductory
  2. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Wonderful Promise of God
  3. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Wonderful Gift of God
  4. WMA  -   MP3  -  A Wonderful Mean of Awakening Faith in the Real Presence
  5. WMA  -   MP3  -  A Wonderful Manifestation of the Real Presence
  6. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Wonderful Effects of the Blessed Sacrament in Nicola Aubry
  7. WMA  -   MP3  -  Further Wonderful Manifestations of the Real Presence
  8. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Sacrifice Before the Coming of the New Law
  9. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Sacrifice of the New Law
  10. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Sacrifice of the New Law Cont.
  11. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass Applies to us the Merits of Christ
  12. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass, the Renewal of the Mysteries of Christ
  13. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of the Incarnation
  14. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass, the Renewal of Christ's Life in the Womb
  15. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of the Birth of Christ
  16. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of the life of Christ
  17. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of God Wondrous Works
  18. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of Christ's Passion
  19. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of Christ's Passion cont.
  20. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of Christ's Resurrection
  21. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of Christ's Resurrection cont.
  22. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Renewal of the Virtues of Christ
  23. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass a Sacrifice of Adoration and Infinite Praise
  24. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass a Sacrifice of  Propitiation
  25. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass a Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
  26. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass a Sacrifice of Impetration
  27. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass a Sacrifice of Impetration cont.
  28. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Hope of the Dying
  29. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass Propitiatory for the Dead
  30. WMA  -   MP3  -  Mass the Joy of the Blessed Virgin
  31. WMA  -   MP3  -  Reverence and Devotion at Mass
  32. WMA  -   MP3  -  Why Catholics Must Hear Mass
  33. WMA  -   MP3  -  How to Hear Mass
  34. WMA  -   MP3  -  How to Hear Several Masses at Once
  35. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Dignity and Sanctity of the Mass
  36. WMA  -   MP3  -  Satan's hatred for the Mass
  37. WMA  -   MP3  -  Why Mass is Celebrated in Latin
  38. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Honorary of Mass
  39. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Use of Ceremonies
  40. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Use of Vestments
  41. WMA  -   MP3  -   Low Mass
  42. WMA  -   MP3  -  Low Mass Cont.
  43. WMA  -   MP3  -  Low Mass Cont
  44. WMA  -   MP3  -  Solemn High Mass-Lights and Incense
  45. WMA  -   MP3  -  Music at High Mass
  46. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Use of Holy Water Before High Mass
  47. WMA  -   MP3  -  How and Why Catholics Build Churches
  48. WMA  -   MP3  -  The Love of God